Certified Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

In today’s world, diet and exercise are all over social media. Nutrition advice is given in magazines, online, in television, billboards and more. I am happy to say that Americans are becoming more aware of the benefits of eating healthy, but I am not happy with the sources many of this information is coming from. Just because you saw, heard, or read something, does not mean that is true, or fitting for you. When it comes to diet and exercise, retrieve advice from a reliable source! A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) is a food and nutrition expert who has met the minimum academic and professional requirements to qualify for the credential “RD.” The majority of RDs or RDNs work in the treatment and prevention of disease. RDN’s are legally licensed to administer medical nutrition therapy in hospitals, private practice, in the community,public health settings, academia and research. RDN’s will work one-on-one with you to create individualized meal plans catered to reaching your health and wellness goals.

Eatright.org is a great website to access reliable information, visit the website by clicking the link below: 


CDR card

Masters Degree Certification

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