Thanksgiving: The Beginning


Don’t let this one day of drinking and eating fool you. Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to start your diet or what I like to call, new lifestyle. Many of you are probably reading this and thinking, “is she crazy?”…but the truth is if you can be successful today then you will be successful any other day.

Although we all like to think Thanksgiving is just one day to indulge, the reality is that Thanksgiving is the kick off to the holiday season. This one day turns into multiple days of holiday parties surrounded by festive drinks and treats through January.

My only advice to you today is, be mindful. Mindful eating has shown to help people lose weight, prevent and better manage chronic diseases (Today’s Dietitian: Mindful Eating) . Many of us may know what to do but are not motivated to do it. Being mindful does not take much: all you need to do is choose the better choice when faced with a healthy vs less healthy decision. For example, today fill your plate with mostly vegetables, eat the white meat of the turkey instead of the dark meat, limit yourself to one plate, drink water, and try having fruit for dessert with maybe just a bite of your favorite pie.

Keep in mind the real meaning behind Thanksgiving: a time to pause and reflect on how much there is to be greatful for. Count your blessing and kick off the holiday season with the right mindset. Enjoy!

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One comment on “Thanksgiving: The Beginning

  1. Great tips! Being mindful is a great way to enjoy the holiday while indulging in a healthy way. On holidays, I like to tell myself to start by making one healthy choice, then another, and then another!

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