Wine or a Brownie?

As a Registered Dietitian I am constantly asked questions about nutrition and I think many of you probably share similar questions so here is the latest one: “What is a better cheat day choice? A glass of wine or a brownie?”


First things first, I don’t believe in cheat days. I think every day you should try your best to make a majority (about 80%) of your food choices healthy, but if I had to answer this is what I’d say:

You’ve been eating healthy, following a meal plan, exercising regularly, and feeling awesome but then… you go to a party and there is unlimited amounts of wine and brownies for dessert. So which do you choose? Which choice would be the somewhat better option for your cheat day? As a Registered Dietitian aware of the heart healthy benefits of a 5oz glass of wine per day, I would have to say that wine is a better choice. Of course like any decision it is most dependent on the person, but if the options truly are a 5oz glass of wine versus one brownie, then the answer is wine. Why? Brownies can be prepared in multiple different ways; was it made with sugar? how much butter? all purpose flour? All of these factors can vary the nutrition composition drastically. However, a glass of wine is just wine, so therefore it will be approximately 120 calories; where as a brownie can range anywhere from 150-400 calories dependent on the size and ingredients. Regardless, the most important question to ask yourself is this: Can you have just one? If one glass of wine makes your will power and self control go out the window then you may want to reconsider and choose the brownie.  

Hang tight for my post about the 80/20 rule when making the best food choices to help you stick to a healthy lifestyle rather than a diet plan.

*Post coming soon*

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