My Interview With Women Who Have Lost 50 Pounds Or More

“Don’t compare yourself to other people’s results, but find inspiration in their methods of success.” – Darren Hardy 

When it comes to weight loss there are hundreds of different ways to go about it. Every day there are ads on social media, the news, the radio, and even the gyms we go to talking about the newest and latest nutrition or exercise program/equipment that can help you to the lose weight FOR GOOD. These constant flow of messages can be so overwhelming that it causes paralyzation in a person rather than motivating them to try. I am challenging you to do some research before starting something new. If you find yourself admiring someone’s success, ask them how they did it; get the details before jumping in. If their response is something you can realistically see yourself doing long-term then it’s worth a shot! However if it their response seems completely outside of your comfort zone, you may want to tweak it a bit or do a little more searching for other methods. To create change we must go outside of our comfort zone however that can be done at your own pace, so discover these methods until you can find the balance that fits best for you.  My hope is that after reading this article you will feel empowered, focused, and ready to make a change that works long term. In my efforts to get you to feel that way I interviewed 3 women who have lost 50 pounds or more and here’s what they had to say.

  1. Tina: “It took 2 years to lose the 100 (pounds), and I’ve maintained that for almost 3 years. I use Weight Watchers for the nutrition side and a few gyms and challenges for the fitness. I am on a mission to reach LifeTime- a point in WW where you don’t have to pay anymore…before I turn 40 in December.” She went on to tell me that she turned her personal Instagram account to a public platform to give people motivation to get off the couch and try something new themselves.  As a follower of Tina’s page myself I have definitely felt inspired and you can too; follow her on Instagram (@theothersideof100) to see more!
  2. Krista (name changed for privacy purposes): “Yes! 143 pounds down with natural weight loss.” She went on to tell me that  she has been eating more vegetables, drinking more water, consuming smaller portions, and exercising on a more consistent basis.
  3. Elyssia (IG: Elyssiaflo): When I asked Elyssia how she lost the 45 pounds since August 2016, she replied “just better diet and exercise.” Two weeks later she posted that she is now down 52 pounds, go Elyssia!

Remember, although there are hundreds of methods to weight loss there is only one of you! Learn from others who have had success and begin to apply what you are willing to stick to. If you need additional guidance, I am always here to help you! Send me an e-mail to and let’s see if together we can find a long term solution to your weight loss success!

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