7 Thing You Should Consider Before Giving Up Your Commitment To Healthier Eating


We’ve all been there before, feeling frustrated and fed up when we’re working towards something and we really want to see results, but we’re not seeing them. In this video I go over 7 reasons why you’re not seeing results even though you feel like you deserve to! Are you making these diet mistakes? Watching the video and reading the recap below will be the quickest way for you to determine if you need to alter your approach.

So here they are:

  1. Patience: If you’re going about your goals using healthy guidelines and recommendations than that requires you to be patient. You’ve tried the quick fixes and magic pills before and although they may provide results, they are not long lasting.  If your goal is weight loss you might stay at the same exact weight for a month or even 2 months, but there’s so many other benefits you’ll see and feel before the weight actually drops. Eating one vegetable does not make you healthy eating, just like eating one donut does not make you less healthy. It is what we eat on a consistent and regular basis that determines if we are healthy or not and this takes time!
  2. Results Come in Many Forms: Initially you may not see weight loss but you might notice that you’re sleeping better, your energy levels are better, your clothes are fitting better, people are noticing that you are looking healthier, and you feel better for taking care of yourself. Try not to pigeon hole your results into one outcome, but rather look at the big picture!
  3. Calorie Counting: Whatever the goal, the amount of calories that you’re consuming on a daily basis really does make a difference. Choosing whole foods with quality nutrients is important but if you over or under eat you’re less likely to reach your goals. Our metabolism is a tricky thing and even though you may think eating less = weight loss and eating more = weight gain, it is a lot more complicated than that.
  4. Work With a Registered Dietitian: Since our metabolisms are complex, I recommend you seek a Registered Dietitian (RD) to go over what you are currently eating. RD’s are the nutrition experts in the field and may be able to identify the area(s) in which you need to improve before throwing in the towel. Secondly, if you’re struggling with consistency, a dietitian can help with accountability which in turn increases your likelihood of staying on track.
  5. Consistency: Speaking of consistency, that may be where you’re lacking. Many people do really well sticking to their healthy diet Monday through Friday but fall off on the weekends… is that you? If so I challenge you to lighten up a little bit during the week and set some more boundaries during the weekend. Believe it or not, eating 80% healthy each day provides more results than eating healthy 90% during the week and only 30% healthy on the weekends. Get rid of the “cheat day(s)” mindset and commit to eating healthy a majority of the time with a little wiggle room each day.
  6. Sleep/Stress Management: No matter how healthy you eat or how much you exercise, it will barely makes a dent in your health if you’re not allowing your body to rest and recover. Our physical and mental health are affected by how much we sleep and how much we smile. Do you sleep for 7-8 hours each night? Do you laugh or smile at least 3 times per day? Are you happy most of the time?
  7. Are You Being Honest With Yourself? Sometimes we think we’re working really hard because its something different than what were used to, but is it enough to produce results? This is where you need to reflect. Write down everything you’re eating and drinking. Track when you exercise and what you’re doing when you do exercise. Could you improve your diet a little bit more? Could you exercise a little harder? Is what you’re doing actually pushing you or challenging you outside your comfort zone in any way?


After you review the above and watch the video, send me an e-mail (TipsWithToni@gmail.com), let me know if this helped you and if you’re still teetering on the idea of giving up healthier eating, ask me questions so I can help! I am here for you!

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