Overcoming Diet Self-Sabotage


When I started my journey towards health and wellness I went about it the wrong way. My focus wasn’t on health or wellness at all; it was only about changing what I hated seeing on the outside. In the past 14 years I have grown and learned a ton and my weight no longer determines my happiness. I eat healthy and balanced because it makes me feel good and I exercise regularly because I love my body for being there for me. I no longer intentionally under eat and skip meals because I know it leads to over eating. I no longer over eat to the point past full because I know it leads to discomfort followed by mental self sabotage. It wasn’t easy but after deliberate practice in making gradual changes in my eating habits I can honestly say that self hate is a stranger to me & self love is my best friend. In this video I discuss how you too can overcome diet self sabotage and learn to love your body throughout the journey so you can live your life TODAY! 


Shoutout to https://joyfullychrissylee.wordpress.com/ who inspired this post!

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