Food And Drinks To Aid In Restful Sleep

Last night I laid awake staring at the ceiling, waiting for the time to pass until I drifted asleep. What used to take less than 10 minutes, now took an hour.

Reflecting back on what I ate yesterday, it made sense. I had a cup of caffeinated coffee at 2pm, white rice with dinner, and 2 glasses of wine right after.

It also didn’t help that I watched TV until it was time for bed and forgot to wear my blue light blocking glasses.

Ever since the stay at home orders were initiated, getting a sound sleep has gotten harder and harder.

The list below can help in the diet department:

Diet is important, however so are these:

– Leave a note pad next to your bed to journal any thoughts swirling in your head.
– Limit screen time and read instead
– Try to get more physical activity in during the day
– Keep the room dark and cool
– Wake up at the time same time each morning (despite what time you actually fall asleep)

After rolling around for 30 minutes I decided to take my own advice. I turned my lamp on and read a couple chapters of a new book and before I knew it, I was sound asleep.

What will you try to do to feel more rested? Comment below!

With Lots Of Healthy Love,

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