How To Satisfy A Craving Without A Binge

There was a point in my journey when I was ALWAYS hungry.

What I thought was physical hunger, I now know was psychological hunger.

I had become so obsessed with eating healthy that despite the type of craving I was having (salty vs. sweet), I’d choose the lowest calorie option—even if that meant snacking on seaweed snacks when I really wanted ice cream.

This eventually led to binging, which then led back to restriction, where I stayed in the cycle—always thinking about food and anxious about what to eat next.

As I began healing my relationship with food, I worked on satisfying my cravings by searching for healthier alternatives that better represented what I was in the mood for.

This worked for awhile, but at some point I realized, the mental stress of NEVER allowing myself to have the “real deal” was worse for my health than actually having it.

It took some time, but after reflecting on my behaviors and implementing new ways to manage this, I’ve finally come to the place where I’m able to decipher between the two.

For example, most nights I’m satisfied with a few chocolate covered strawberries, but some nights I’m more satisfied with a cup of chocolate ice cream.

Either way, I no longer binge AND I’m satisfied.

With Lots Of Healthy Love,

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