DIY Meal Planning Tips

There are many things in life we can’t control, fortunately what we eat is not one of them.

For this reason, our desire for rigid meal plans are often heightened in times of stress, chaos, and uncertainty [cue pandemic].

In my teens, I spent hours going through magazines looking for the “perfect” meal plan. I’d get SUPER excited and convinced myself THIS was how I’d lose the weight ONCE AND FOR ALL. But, it didn’t take long before that excitement faded. Mere days later, I’d be eating a box of cookies, judging myself for not adhering to the plan—why couldn’t I just be okay with eating egg whites and vegetables everyday?

Fortunately, as I got older, I got wiser. I wasn’t the issue and neither were the cookies—it was eating the entire box of cookies after no longer being able to ignore my hunger cues all day. I was trying to follow something that wasn’t realistic for me (or most people for that matter…)

Additionally, the lack of flexibility was contributing to the extreme inconsistencies; making me feel more out of control, the one thing I was trying to fix in the first place.

To find balance in my eating habits, I had to stop focusing on how food might make be LOOK and focus more on how it made me FEEL—and that couldn’t found in a magazine.

So when you find yourself thinking, “I need a meal plan,” what you really need is a better handle on your eating habits.

The guide below can help with this:

As you track your intake, be mindful of the foods that make you feel satisfied and energize and those that don’t. Swap out anything that doesn’t make you feel your best, both mentally and physically. Having substitutions reminds you there are many ways to nourish your body, which is why your plan shouldn’t look like anyone else’s.

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