5 Reasons To Get A Therapist

The work I do with my clients goes deeper than food. Through many conversations about why weight loss is important to them and the barriers standing in their way, we often uncover some hard truths — Fear of failure, deep-rooted anxiety, history of trauma, or overwhelming stress.

At this point I refer them to a therapist, so they can work through the mental blocks, making it easier to adhere to good nutrition.

There’s a stigma about therapy — you need to be on the verge of a breakdown, have a mental illness, or “REAL” reason to get help. But like I tell my clients, we workout and eat well regularly to keep our bodies strong, so we also need to keep our minds strong.

Going to therapy is nothing to be ashamed of. If it helps to know, I go weekly. Here’s why I see a therapist and why I think you’d benefit from seeing one too:

A non-bias view: Talking with your friends is great and all, but sometimes they say what you want to hear, not what you need to hear.

Designated time for you: Scheduling an hour in the week to discuss what you need, is only the beginning to uncovering more ways to set aside time for you.

Learn healthy coping techniques: I used to think my negative thoughts were true, so I’d react to them negatively, but this only caused more anxiety. Strategies like naming my thoughts, meditation, and deep breathing helped me work through this.

A space to process emotions, draw connections, and gain a better understanding of why you do or don’t do things: We often beat ourselves up for “not doing enough,” when in reality we’re doing too much. Therapy reveals where those beliefs are coming from.

An opportunity to reflect on your growth: In just a few months you’ll notice yourself handling situations better, speaking up for what you want or need more confidently, and watching your life improve.

I know the thought of telling a stranger how you feel is scary and uncomfortable, but I promise it gets easier.

With Lots Of Healthy Love,

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