What Is Binge Eating Disorder (BED?)

Binge eating disorder is the most common eating disorder in the US.

The word “binging” often gets thrown around to describe overeating, but over eating is not the same as binge eating. Although many people who binge eat are also striving for weight loss they don’t have to be related.

Binging is often caused by anxiety disorders, depression or mood disorders, PTSD, emotional/sexual/physical abuse, neglect, restrictive eating patterns, as well as history of body shaming and weight bullying.

Binge eating does not discriminate against weight, meaning—not everyone who binges is overweight and not everyone who’s overweight binges. It also doesn’t have to be associated with purging and/or exercising excessively (although it can).

The likelihood of you or someone you know who’s struggling with BED is high. And because of misinformation, stigma, shame, or lack of awareness, it can easily go unnoticed. Which is why I’m choosing to share this.

The graphic below can help identify signs of BED:

Interventions can be put in place before it gets worse. So if you suspect this in yourself or someone else, message me for support and guidance.

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