The Most Underrated Weight Loss Supplement

Wondering what the most underrated weight loss supplement is? The answer is SLEEP.

Getting adequate sleep goes beyond being a functioning human who doesn’t want the day to feel like a drag. When we look at why most people skip their workouts, make poorer food choices, and are inconsistent with healthy living, inadequate sleep is often the reason. If you’re trying to lose weight, getting 7-9 hours of sleep each night will double your chances of obtaining that goal.


1. Most overeating happens in the evening. Just getting to bed earlier can help prevent that.

2. Sleep loss can cause an increase in the ratio of ghrelin to leptin, enhancing appetite. A large majority of studies have found sleep restriction leads to increased caloric consumption greater than 250 calories daily.

3. With less than adequate sleep, you’re more likely to skip your workout and put in minimal effort than if you were well rested. Consequently, this leads to less energy expenditure over time.

Our bodies like routine and starting with a healthy sleep schedule is a great start.

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