3 Reasons Not To Quit When The Scale Goes Up A Pound

These reasons below are reminders of why NOT to quit:

1. Not every week will be a weight loss week—the scale varies day-to-day, and a pound could be the difference of a bowel movement, good nights sleep, salty food, late night meal, or the phase of your menstrual cycle.

2. Giving up won’t make it come off faster—consistency is EVERYTHING. Stopping now will only lead to more weight gain, bringing you back to right where you started (wanting to lose weight and make a change).

3. The scale is not the most effective way to measure success— focus on your actions and how you feel. Do you feel good? Have more energy? Did you follow through on what you said you were going to do?

Weight loss is a tricky thing and can easily make you lose sight of the long term goal—to be happy, healthy, confident, and proud of self. Don’t let an arbitrary number rob you of that.

With Lots Of Healthy Love,

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