Is Fruit Bad For You?

The answer is No.

The fact that I even need to write about this, goes to show how much diet culture has screwed with our heads.

I’m used to writing about how there are no foods inherently bad for us. How there are foods we need more of and foods we need less of— all of which are based off our individual goals, past medical history, family history, activity level, and more.

Normally I talk about how we need to stop fearing things like sweets, alcohol, and starches, to obtain sustainable results…but FRUIT?!

How has something naturally rich in nutrients, high in water, and low in calories developed such a terrible reputation?

Anyways, I’m here to set the story straight: if you’re worried about the sugar in fruit, you don’t need to be.

Eat it whole, with the skin, and for additional benefits pre/post workout, most often. Aim for 2-4 servings per day.

Oh, and if you’re following someone on social media who claims fruit is bad for you, unfollow them. They’re likely speaking outside their scope or have been equally influenced by diet culture.

With Lots Of Healthy Love,

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