5 Ways To Manage Stress That Cost $0

Massages. Facials. Spa Pedicures. Vacations—all rejuvenating outlets to take advantage of. But what if the thought of paying for these things adds to the stress? What do you do when you need a break, and find yourself using food as your main coping mechanism?

In my program, I teach my clients how to reduce the pressures that trigger emotional eating..Here’s what I tell them –

SET BOUNDARIES— Learn to say “No.” As a recovering people pleaser, I’ve struggled with this, never wanting to disappoint anyone (even at the expense of my health & happiness). Then I realized saying “yes” to someone else often meant I was saying “no” to myself. If I wanted to avoid burn out, I needed to start saying “yes” to my wants & needs.

MEDITATE— I know what you’re thinking, you’ll never be the person who sings kumbaya, sits in a dark room, and chants “OM” on repeat. But what if I told you meditation comes in many forms and that just 1 minute of deep breathing with your eyes closed was enough?

JOURNAL— Get the swirling thoughts in your head, out on paper. There are only so many times you can repeat the same conversation with yourself without being labeled ‘crazy’

MOVE YOUR BODY— A little bit of movement goes a long way. A walk outdoors, some stretching in your chair or even standing up from a sitting state is enough to shift your mindset and gain some new perspective.

LISTEN TO MUSIC— I got away from this for awhile. I was so wrapped up in personal development, I convinced myself listening to music was a waste of time since it wasn’t teaching me anything. But then I was reminded how powerful music can be in elevating your mood. I now listen to a healthy mix of music, audiobooks, and podcasts to inspire my creativity and calm me.

BONUS TIP— Don’t wait till you’re on the verge of a breakdown to start implementing these tactics. Just like I encourage eating vegetables daily as a preventative treatment for physical health, these habits act as a preventative treatment for mental health.

With Lots Of Healthy Love,

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