6 Phrases To Ditch & Swap To Achieve Sustainable Results


1 – “I’ll get back on track tomorrow.”— How many times have you heard yourself say this? If it’s more than 0, I recommend two things: First, change your mindset. Healthy living is a long term commitment, so if the plan you’re following seems difficult to stick to, change your plan. Second, your needs vary day to day, practice honoring them.

2 – “I’m in control of my diet.”—I know this is what you’re looking for, but control feels limiting and rigid. The simply switch to saying “I’’m in charge,” feels more empowering and insinuates flexibility.

3 – “I have to.”— Technically, you don’t have to do anything, but not doing whatever you feel the need to do, likely has consequences if you don’t. Be grateful for the things you “get to” do: exercise because you have a functioning body, cook and clean in a safe home, work because you’re employed.

4 – “I only…”—You had a small window of opportunity and took advantage of it, that’s a winners mindset. Change your language to reflect that: “I made use of the little time I had.”

5 – “I should”— This 6 letter word suggests force/guilt and if we got lost in every thought that followed this phrase, we’d stay stuck living a life outside of our own. When this comes up, explore where it’s coming from and then ask yourself, “What’s the priority?”

6 – “I deserve this.”—you don’t have to work for, exercise for, or save for, a cookie, cake, pizza, burger, drink, cheat meal, etc. Using food as a reward will keep you stuck in the diet cycle and move you further away from healing your relationship with food. When you’re in charge of your diet, you can have whatever you want, whenever you want it.

With Lots Of Healthy Love,

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