Your Body Knows You Better Than MyFitnessPal Does

This message is for you if:

1. You only eat “easy to track” foods because you worry complicated dishes will put you over your calories.


2. You give up on weekends, because it’s too stressful to make your take-out orders fit.

If you’re using an app like MyFitnessPal use it as a guide. It can be a great way to build awareness and a chance to educate yourself about your choices. But it’s not meant to be used forever.

Tracking is a tool. It’s not the plan

If it’s stressing you more than helping you and causing you to say “screw it” on a regular basis, it’s likely not the tool for you.

Regardless of the method you use to facilitate your goals, remember your body knows you best, you just have to listen to it.

See below the pros and cons of MFP –

With Lots Of Healthy Love,


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