5 Ways To Speed Up Your Weight Loss Progress


1 – DITCH THE ALL-OR-NOTHING MINDSET—The fast track of losing a ton of weight in a short period of time, is actually not fast at all. In fact, it’s taking you backwards and the exact reason you’ve had the same New Year’s Resolution ten years in a row. Develop the mindset that understands slow change is real change and practice balance instead.

2 – CELEBRATE THE SMALL WINS—The things that seem like “no big deal,” like being less anxious around food or more consistent with your workouts, are what accumulate over time and bring you to the big results you’re looking for.

3 – HAVE A “FIGURE IT OUT” ATTITUDE—Things will not always go as planned. Rather than throwing in the towel when things go south, look for ways to soften the blow. Stay committed to your decisions, but flexible in the approach.

4 – GET PROFESSIONAL HELP—Over the years I’ve invested thousands of dollars in mentors and coaches who have done the things I strive for. Working with an expert can help you achieve your goals quicker and easier. Having the right support keeps your goals top of mind, redirects you when old habits start slipping back up, and inspires you to keep going.

5 – BE PATIENT—Learn to love the process, because if not, you’ll forever be disappointed with your progress.

If you’re ready to drop the all-or-nothing mindset, embrace real change, and take the fast track to reaching your health goals, send me a message or go to www.tipswithtoni.com/coaching and apply to my 6 Months To Food Freedom Healthy Lifestyle Program today.

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