The Best Time To Take Action

Anything worth doing, I did before I was ready

10 years ago I started the Tips With Toni vlog with zero idea how to use YouTube, video editing, etc.

3 years ago I turned Tips With Toni into an online coaching business without knowing what it would take for me to thrive.

2 years ago I quit my corporate job to invest my energy into my business full time—before my income felt “safe” and before I had the # of clients to justify the change.

Last year I walked on the @tedx_official stage, nervous AF and gave a speech of lifetime.

In between I started writing my very first book, something that still challenges me today and brings up a ton of self doubt—but I’m pushing through, entering the final editing stages.

Now, I’m leaving Arizona to go back to NY and implement new strategies my business coach @chriswharder has advised me to implement to grow my business bigger than I’ve ever imagined.

In 2 months I’ll return to AZ to be a part of a high level mastermind; a group of people making significantly more money, impact, and influence in the world. I’ll be the tiny fish in a big pond, but I’ll rise to the occasion and won’t allow myself to get swallowed up in it.

All of the above scared me and felt extremely uncomfortable, but with the right support, guidance, and accountability, I was able to see them through and surpass my expectations.

The lesson: if you want something you don’t have, you’ll have to do something you’ve never done. (And do it before you’re “ready.”)

Hire the person who went first, ask questions, surround yourself with people who inspire you and believe in you. Trust there’s freedom on the other side of the discomfort

Take action now!

With Lots Of Healthy Love,

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