What Your Poo Is Telling You

Probably not the cleanest lessons I’ve ever taught, but definitely the most necessary one.

What your poop looks like, how often you go, and the time you spend on the toilet, are all tell-tale signs of the steps you need to take to regulate your bowel movements.

The “3-3-3” rule is a good measurement if your bowel movements are regular. You should go no more than three times a day, no less than once every three days, and when you “do the doo,” it should take no more than three minutes.

Often small changes like drinking more water, consuming adequate fiber, incorporating foods rich in pre-and probiotics, managing stress and engaging in movement are usually enough to help regulate your bowels.

Bye-bye constant bloat, running to find the nearest restroom at the most inconvenient of places, or missing out at events, because you’re stuck in the bathroom.

Whether you’re working on incorporating fiber to help with bowel movements, lower your cholesterol, manage blood sugars, aid in fullness, or all of the above, read on below for some great sources!

And bonus tip, add it in slowly! If you find yourself going more than 3 times per day than you may need to taper back a bit 🙂

With Lots Of Healthy Love,

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