Lessons I Teach My Clients That Drive Their Success

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the look on peoples faces when I tell them they can reach their health goals, without having to give up their favorite foods.

When I tell them they can still enjoy date night with their spouse, parties with family, and brunch with friends, I can sense a feeling of relief.

I love giving them permission to have sweets on a holiday, a glass of wine on a Saturday night, and a cup of coffee (or 2) each morning.

I enjoy educating them about the facts of nutrition and quality sources from each food group, knowing what supplements to take (or not take), and giving them strategies to make their goals a reality.

I like to teach them about the benefits of healthy living that go beyond a better diet.

Like how my client had the confidence to change careers, about another client one who got a promotion at their job, and about the one who’s dating life has gotten significantly more enjoyable as a result.

Lastly, my favorite lesson of all –

Your diet doesn’t have to fit into a category and it does not define who you are.

You are not keto. You are not paleo. You are not vegan or gluten free.

You are YOU and your diet should reflect that!

With Lots Of Healthy Love,

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