Your Energy Is Your Best Asset

I used to think of self care as taking a bubble bath, getting a manicure, or going for a massage.

Although I still believe that to be true, I’m recognizing more and more that that’s not enough.

If you’re someone who constantly pours out to others, you need a self care system daily so you can keep giving without burning out.

Here are just a few ideas –

Without your energy you’re a cranky pants and more likely to experience:

– no patience
– self criticism
– negative thoughts
– mood swings

Low energy often leads to:
– emotional eating
– binging
– mindless snacking
– increased cravings

Protect your energy by:
+ doing things that bring you joy
+ filling your cup first
+ delegate tasks when overwhelmed
+ rest when you need it

I want you to be:
+ happy
+ present
+ pleasant
+ optimistic

..You can’t do that when you’re letting people take from you what they don’t deserve.

With Lots Of Healthy Love,

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