How To Recover From A Weekend Of Overindulging

Your diet mind will tell you to restrict calories, skip meals, cut out carbs, only drink water, exercise excessively, and the list goes on.

But we all know how that story ends—back to binging, overindulging, feeling bloated, tired, stuffed, and exactly what you’re experiencing right now.

If you want a different ending, you need to take a different action.

Here’s what I suggest:

— FORGIVE YOURSELF: replace criticism with compassion. Navigating the weekends, social situations, and healing your relationship with food, takes time. Be patient with yourself and acknowledge moments you’re proud of.

— GET CURIOUS: Why did it happen? What steps could you have been taken differently to have changed the outcome? Did you skip breakfast? Did you drink too much alcohol? Did you stay in a conversation you didn’t want to be in, which led to excessively snacking on the chips and dip?

— SET UP A PLAN: Based on what you know doesn’t work, create actions that do. Instead of going hungry to a party, have a mini meal beforehand. Instead of drinking too much, pre-determine your limit and hydrate with water in between. Instead of engaging in conversations that make you uncomfortable, excuse yourself and move away from the chips.

When you practice balance everyday, the urgency to jump to extremes will weaken and your relationship with food will strengthen—That’s how you can break the cycle of overindulging calories on the weekends.

With Lots Of Healthy Love,


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