“Everything In Moderation” Doesn’t Always Work

As someone who preaches balanced eating, you’re probably surprised to read I don’t believe EVERYTHING should be consumed moderately.

In fact, I believe this philosophy is why so many women struggle to make progress, consistently.

The reason being, many fail to define what moderation means to THEM.

And without clear guidelines, they fall victim to moments of temptation, using it as a crutch, and rarely sticking to what they said they would.

(Side note: I used to do this too).

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to know how you may be using this mindset inaccurately:

-Do you put a limit to how many alcoholic drinks you have per week or do you drink alcohol whenever it’s offered to you, ignoring the goal you set?
-Do you eat ice cream when the occasional craving kicks in or do you eat it every time your partner is?
-Do you eat a small portion of the nachos your friends ordered or do you end up eating half the platter because you’ve been “good” all week

If you want this to work, you’ll need to establish your goals clearly and decide what variety of choices fit within them.

From there, you can build your own version of “moderation” and truly find balance in your eating habits.

With Lots Of Healthy Love,

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