The Top 5 Protein Bars I Recommend


There are many companies that put “high protein” labels on their products, when in actuality the amount of protein is relatively small compared to what most RD’s would recommend.
Neither option is good or bad, I just don’t like how it can be misleading.

Everyone’s needs are different and that’s always taken into account before suggesting one of the above.

First Things To Consider When Choosing A Protein Bar:

– Does it contain any ingredients you’re allergic to?
– Does it contain any ingredients you may be sensitive to?

Things To Consider Second:

– AT LEAST 10 grams of protein (I prefer 20g)
– Around 200 calories (more if being used as a meal replacement)
– Less than 10g of added sugar

Things To Consider Last:

— a lengthy ingredient list

..this is where I draw the line and say…it’s not that serious. As long as your protein bar is PART of your balanced diet and not your ENTIRE diet, the length of the ingredient list doesn’t matter. Especially snacking on a protein bar is replacing the handful of candy you used to habitually grab mindlessly each day.

Listed below are some of my favorite, have you ever tried them?
-Pure Protein
-No Cow

With Lots Of Healthy Love,

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