Service Options

90-Day Package / 180-Day Package / 365-Day Package

Together we will find healthy solutions via weekly/bi-weekly check-ins to end the cycle of dieting and I will teach you how to develop a positive relationship with food by using the strategies listed:

  • Realistic goal setting
  • Behavior modification related to food
  • Motivational counseling to stay on track
  • Personalized meal plan to meet your needs
  • Virtual pantry clean up
  • Learn to control over/under eating
  • Continuous professional support and advice via the Healthie App

*These packages are great for the person who understands the fundamentals to healthy living but is having difficult applying them consistently.*

30-Day Package

Together we will get you to the next level via weekly video conferencing and daily updates! Included:

  • Personalized meal plan to help fuel your workouts and allow for faster recovery
  • Pre/post exercise hydration tips
  • Continuous professional support and advice via the Healthie App

*This package is for the motivated individual who already has established healthy eating practices and has committed to an exercise regimen. I will help you find ways to improve your athletic performance by providing a personalized meal plan with specific nutrition guidelines and suggestions based off your current intake and abilities!*

Questioning if my methods will help you? Sign up here and let’s chat about it!

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Masters Degree Certification


RDN cert 2017-2018

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