What Makes My Nutrition Program Different

Ready to change your life?

I take my client’s health and happiness very seriously so I want to make sure you’re ready to cultivate this positive change in your life before we get started! Fill out the form below to apply to Toni’s 6-Months to Food Freedom Program.


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Cristina: For The Person Who Eats “Perfect” Monday-Thursday And Ruins It Over The Weekend

Rachel: For The Person Who Restricts And Then Over Eats

Ramon: For The Person Who Doesn’t Want To Give Up Their Social Life

Alicia: For The Motivated Mom Not Seeing Results

Rafael: For The Man Who Feels Overwhelmed By The Amount Of Weight To Lose

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Tools included to help you succeed

Unlimited food logging support via the Healthie App

Meal and snack ideas to help prevent over and under eating

Personalized meal planning guidance to meet your needs

Motivational counseling to stay on track

Behavior modification strategies related to your food choices

Weekly check-ins via phone or video chat conferencing

Registered dietitian, credentialed nutrition professional and avid healthy lifestyle blogger

Free nutrition education and advice to help you cook clean, eat healthy, and relieve stress

TipsWithToni appearances on TV, Podcasts, and featured articles