The #1 Step To Take Before Attempting Any Goal

In 1956 Roger Bannister ran a 4 minute mile. Back then this was deemed impossible, dangerous even. There were theories, based off physics that hypothesized a human heart would explode before crossing the finish line.
But despite what was perceived, Roger believed he could. And it was his belief that motivated his DECISION to try.
Notice how I said DECISION not CHOICE. You see, a choice can be wavered, but a decision is final. And this finite decision is what silenced ALL doubt and led to him to find ways to make it happen.
So no, belief isn’t what technically got him across the finish line- it was the training schedule, meals consumed, and habits formed to support this feat.
However, the effort put forward consistently wouldn’t have been attempted if he didn’t believe 1st.
Oh and that’s not even the best part. Shortly after he set the record, HUNDREDS of athletes have followed in his footsteps with <4 minute miles!
The impossible was deemed possible all because ONE PERSON BELIEVED HE COULD.
So regardless of the doubt that surrounds you, whether it be from family, friends, or in your own head, know that WHEN YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN, YOU WILL.

With Lots Of Healthy Love,


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