Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to encourage and inspire thousands of individuals to commit to a healthier way of living. If you’re a corporation and looking to enhance the productivity and energy of your employees, I’d love to see how we can work together.

I have a been a Registered Dietitian for 5 years and a health and wellness blogger for almost a decade. I use my personal weight loss and confidence growth story to motivate others towards a more fulfilling life. My social media presence on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram is growing daily and as a result, more and more corporations book me to host workshops and seminars in efforts to improve the morale in the workplace.

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Tips with Toni: Speaking Event


  1. Breaking Up With Diets– This speech is ideal for the middle aged women who has tried every diet in the book and is fed up with losing weight only to gain it back again. In this talk I explain why diets don’t work and provide realistic steps towards building a healthy foundation instead.
  2. Overcoming Emotional Eating– This speech is ideal for women who eat well during the day but struggle with overeating at night as a result of dealing with emotional stress. I bring awareness to the triggers that may be driving this behavior and provide strategic tips on how to react to the emotions other than using food to cope.


“As an alumni of our track & field program, Toni was the guest speaker at our end of the year dinner celebration. She did such a great job of connecting with the athletes as she immediately had their attention. Toni discussed how track and field prepared her for her future and counseled the athletes to see the connections. Toni spoke eloquently and it was very apparent she was well prepared.”
– Mike Spiteri, Track & Field Coach, Syosset High School

Toni’s energy is captivating. You could tell that every woman in the room was inspired to want to eat healthier and had a better understanding of how to do it as a result of her speech.”
– Gina Avila, Founder & President of Women Empowerment Institute, Inc.

“Every time Toni gives a speech the members and guests are locked in on what she has to say. Her honesty, vulnerability, and wisdom always makes for a compelling story.
– Jean Carlos Castro, President of the Bronx Toastmasters Club of Riverdale

“When Toni presented at my event, I was impressed by the strong delivery of her message to help women live up to their potential and feel like their best selves. The ladies of the group still message me today saying that her speech resonated with them and motivated them to take care themselves in a healthier way… and as a result they feel great!”
– Christina Joy, Leader & Founder of Joyfully Chrissy Lee

Toni is amazing! I knew she was great, but I honestly did not know how great until she spoke at my annual Women’s International Day event. From beginning to end the room was locked in on what she had to say and immediately flooded her with praise. I want her back again and again!”
Josephine Buscaglia Maietta, Leader of Association of Italian American Educators

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