The Healthy Living Foundations Course

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Within 4 weeks, I’ll help you build a solid foundation to get the healthy results you’ve always wanted and keep them for life.


Are looking to have a clear direction of where to go next.

Are tired of starting and stopping.

Really want to see change in your life and want it to last.

“The Healthy Living Foundations Course”


“Toni makes herself available to answer any questions in the group chat. Also love that we have lifetime access so that I can go back and reference any of the modules both listening and PDF documents.”

“I really enjoyed the macronutrient module. Since taking the course I’ve changed my mindset and consistently eat well balanced meals.”

“There is so much misinformation out there. This course is great a great learning tool so that anyone struggling with nutrition can be empowered with the knowledge to begin making healthy changes to their lives. I learned concrete strategies for handling different situations like social gatherings, meal prepping, emotional eating. What was really great was not only identifying areas where we all struggle, but also coming away with attainable and straight-forward action items to handle those situations. I also loved how the module asked us to identify and share in the support group how we were going to handle different situations going forward. I think putting pen to paper and writing something concrete down is a really powerful way to effect change.”

“I achieved even more than I thought I would. I first mastered everything my body needed, i.e more water, breakfast, more fruits/ veggies etc.. and once I honed in on this, I was able to actually pay attention to what my body was trying to tell me: what foods it didn’t like, what foods it did.. & was able to tweak my diet to feel my best. I really think it is an awesome course. It is full of information, there is no fluff.. it gives you so much knowledge & action steps to really take control of your nutrition/ eating habits; it gives you the tool set you need to start making changes today and a community to help keep you accountable and support you. You are not alone on this journey.”

“The healthy living foundations course provided me with constant support from Toni and other members which helped keep me motivated! Their support was free of judgement and full of empathy. This program has loads of easy-to-understand training material and it creates a dynamic, interactive learning environment for all who watches her modules. I came away from the program with a much better understanding of food awareness, meal preparation, coping with stress, physical activity, boundary setting, etc!”

“Much of the actual content was not new to me, but that in itself was powerful as it really helped me feel confident in my knowledge of nutrition, which allowed more energy to be focused on the main issue I struggle with – consistency! I have implemented some positive changes and am already feeling more confident that I will truly be able to develop a healthy relationship with food!”

“The course was different, refreshing and so helpful. Toni used a personal approach, that made me feel like she was with me every step of the way. She was able to help me through the not so good days and was always encouraging, supportive and kind. I’m proud to say that I am more motivated to meal prep and listen to my body.”


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