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It’s time to Break Up With the Bad Habits To Fix Your Health & Your Heart

Have you tried every diet under the sun, just to end up losing and gaining the same 20 pounds? Have you felt like you’re stuck in a cycle of “on-again-off-again” between being single, trying to not be single, ending up in a relationship, but then single again after realizing you settle way too often?

While you may recognize those trends in your own life, you may never have noticed the parallels between dieting and dating. By reading this book, you will learn how alike they are and why you need to start treating them differently.

By the end, you’ll learn there are many ways to be happy and healthy, neither of which depends on a number on a scale or your relationship status.


“I use the Once Upon A Diet Method when I’m choosing my goals. It helps me let go of the things that aren’t truly important to meand elevate the ones that are so I can incorporate strategies to achieve them. Toni is an amazing person who you can trust and who tells you honestly what she thinks.”


Follower of Tips with Toni

"Toni helped me accept and love myself. I have gained confidence and lost doubt. I truly feel that I have achieved food freedom because it no longer controls me."

Nikki L.

Graduate of Tips with Toni's 6 Months to Food Freedom Program

"Toni has helped me recognize that food is not your enemy. I have a balanced knowledge now how to nourish my body and feel the amazing energy and clear thoughts that one gets from eating properly. You can never be too old or too young to change!

Lana S.

Client of Tips with Toni


Chapter 4

How To Spot A Fad Diet

Chapter 6

What We Think Matters Vs. What Actually Matters

Chapter 6

Non-Scale Related Progress Tracking Sheet

Chapter 6

Nutrient Dense Food Choices & Their Functions

Chapter 7

Will This Last Past The Honeymoon Phase Flow Charts

Chapter 9

Tracking Tools Pros/Cons List

Chapter 10

Tiffany’s Dealbreakers & A Customized Plan Using Them

Chapter 10

Sign You’rE Settling In Your Relationship

Chapter 11

The Yo-Yo Dieter Vs. Slow & Steady Weight Loss

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