I Am Re-Committing To My Fitness Routine

Last week I decided to recommit to my fitness routine and so far I’m still going strong!
It’s not like I haven’t been working out recently, it just hasn’t been in the way I want to show up today.
Over the past two years, building my nutrition coaching business shifted to the top of my priority list.
Ironically, this left little energy to focus on anything else.
As a result, my workouts happened less frequently and at a significantly lower intensity.
At the time, this was everything I needed.
But now that I have a team I can depend on, I’m getting back to doing more of the things I enjoy; exercise being a large component of that.
I’m sharing this with you not to say you should recommit to fitness too, but to remind you of the seasons in life.
Although I do believe wellness should be one of your priorities in every season, how much so will vary, and that’s OK.
To be clear, this renewed commitment to myself isn’t in effort to change the way my body looks. It’s to be in charge of how I feel. And I’m choosing to feel stronger mentally and physically a little more each day.
Below are 3 reasons that help me stay strong and motivated:
1- I start my day with it, so it’s harder to come up with excuses not to
2- When my mind starts telling me to skip it, I remind myself of how good it feels to complete it
3- Rest and recovery are equally as strong as my commitment to movement!
With Lots Of Healthy Love,


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