Goodbye Summer — Hello Rise and Grind

GOODBYE summer indulgence of sleeping in and eating “freely”—HELLO rise and grind of eating with rigidity.
A couple months ago, many of us were craving vacation days, time with family, and the freedom of not having to rush from A to B, but now, we can’t wait for routine.
It’s human nature to miss a schedule, direction, and knowingness of what’s next, so after a period of lax, it’s normal for our minds to shift towards BIG PLANS.
You know, the meal prep calendar you have for every day of the week, mapping out EXACTLY what you’re going to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, REGARDLESS of other commitments.
The motive is great, but without the right strategy, understanding, flexibility, and support, this ambition will fade.
Months will go by before the desire to control your eating habits creeps up and demands your attention, again.
This cycle will continue, UNLESS you do this-
START SLOW: You don’t need to have every meal perfectly packaged and portioned for the week. Begin by making one meal at a time.
START THINKING AHEAD: What food do you have on hand? What do you need to buy to make a balanced meal? What food choices bring you closer to your goals and make you feel best?
START MAKING THIS A DAILY PRACTICE: The more you do, the less time you’ll spend obsessing over what to eat and the more confident you’ll be in the kitchen. The faster you complete your cooking, the more time you’ll have to do what you love rather than wasting energy thinking about food.
Play around with this until you discover your staples and then keep those items available regularly!
With Lots Of Healthy Love,


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