From Extremely Insecure To Super Confident

Have you ever felt uncomfortable wearing a bathing suit in front of other people?
Ever had a meltdown in a dressing room looking for a bathing suit that fit you?
You probably answered “yes” to at least one of those questions, and you’re not alone.
In a recent Shape magazine survey, out of 4,000 women:
– only 2% said they felt great in a bathing suit
– 11% said they felt extremely uncomfortable, and
– 82% felt pressured to change the way their body looked to feel “ready” for bikini season
I used to be part of that 11%.
Wearing a bathing suit in public involved obsessively looking for ways to cover up.
It’s part of the reason why I decided to go to school to become a Registered Dietitian.
Why I decided to start my wellness blog.
Why I did a Tedx talk and I why I wrote my very first book—to help women understand they can feel beautiful and confident, regardless of their body size.
Last week I was challenged by Chris Harder to create an idea and present it to real investors, mock Shark Tank style.
As a service brand, I never thought of creating a physical product, but it’s no coincidence just one day prior, my friend Kacia planted the idea of a body positive swimsuit line in my head.
Knowing I had less than 24hrs to present in front of a room of successful entrepreneurs, I went with it.
As I began to research, collaborate, and expand on this concept, my energy started to shift and I became increasingly excited to share this.
..and I did.
I shared the data, the what, & explained how these products would differentiate from the rest.
By the end of the presentation I stripped away layer by layer, both metaphorically & physically, until I was in my bikini.
There I was, in front of an entire room of people, I’ve only met a handful of times, some, for the first time, standing, almost completely bare, nervous, yet confident, & so freakin’ clear.
My work to helping women feel good in their skin has only just begun.
As surprised as I am that I stood in front of a room of people in a bathing suit, I’m even more proud of the picture you see here.
This photo represents the moment I realized I’ve fully healed the part of me that used to hate what I saw.
Just a few days prior to the presentation, I was sitting by the pool with my colleagues wearing this bikini.
I was so engulfed in conversation, it didn’t occur to me until after that—
I wasn’t worried about my belly rolls showing.
I didn’t try to cover my stomach with a towel or clothes.
And I hadn’t stressed about the fact I had zero makeup on my face (an old tactic I used to distract people from looking at my body; or so I thought).
Instead, I was fully present.
Being me.
This may seem like a stretch for you, and trust me, I get it. It used to seem like a stretch for me too. But it is possible, in time.
With lots of healing, journaling, nourishing, and care, you can join the 2% of women who feel good in a bathing suit.

With Lots Of Healthy Love,


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