What You Think Will Heal Poor Body Image

Poor body image is as common as having a body.
Regardless of size, age, gender, or skin color, we all will, have, or are struggling with our body image.
Some struggle more than others, but most who do, engage in what seems to be an obvious way to heal it—diet and exercise.
Although some changes can yield self confidence, they don’t teach you how to heal your relationship with your body.
It often puts a bandaid on a deeper routed issue—history of bullying, being body shamed by a family member, and/or tying your weight to your worth.
And because eating healthy and excessive exercise get confused as the cure, when one doesn’t eat well or exercise that day, what they see in the mirror changes drastically.
But you can’t trust your eyes.
You also can’t make those changes from a place of hate, because when you do, no amount of “healthy” food choices or amount of workouts will feel like it’s enough.
The more you learn to accept your body, the easier it will be to work with.
Losing weight isn’t going to change that you hate it.
Exercise isn’t going to heal the deeper issues, but therapy, appreciating your body, and treating it like you do, is how you’ll learn to love it—whether or not you decide to change it.
With Lots of Healthy Love,


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