Helping Kids Escape Food Deserts

Many studies have shown that children who live in poverty stricken areas with limited access to fresh and healthy food are more likely to be obese, putting them at risk for preventable diseases. Seeds in the Middle is an organization that has been working closely with schools located in the “food deserts” of Central Brooklyn, in hopes to empower students with the resources to create a healthy lifestyle. They do this through hosting “Chef Nights” where students, or what Seeds in the Middle call “sous chefs” work along side professional Chefs to prepare a nutritious, delicious gourmet meal for the same cost as a fast food combo! The great part about it? The kids then serve the meal to their family and have all of the tools necessary to teach their parents how to make the same meal at home.
When I heard about this program I was inspired. As a Registered Dietitian I often help parents change their style of cooking or ways to purchase food with the hopes that they then act as a positive role model and inspire change for their children. However, the idea of having the children act as the role models is truley admirable and commendable. It’s true that the these kids are our future and the changes need to start with them. We all need to work together to prove that no matter where we live we can eat healthy and live well. Please help Seeds in the Middle raise enough money to allow these children to experience these very informative gifts and dining experience. The money needs to be raised by Monday, May 25th, Memorial Day; any amount would be helpful! Click the link below to see these inspirational children at work and how effective these Chef Nights actually are!

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