My 4 Step Formula To Master The Weekends

Rest — If you’re super stressed, tired, or overworked from the week, let yourself sleep in an hour or so this weekend! Lack of adequate sleep leads to increased cravings, which will make it difficult to resist the temptations from the festivities you have planned.
Move — When you get up, start your morning with intentional movement. You can go for a walk, follow a workout video or do some stretches to get the blood flowing. Just 15 minutes is enough to get endorphins going and shift your mindset to choose healthy and balanced options throughout the day.
Prep — Do a pantry check. Even if you plan on socializing (distantly of course), make sure to have healthy items on hand for the moments in between. Do you have enough lean proteins and veggies prepped? Do you have enough healthy snacks, like fruit and nuts, to have when you’re running errands? If not, go to the grocery store to pick up such items!
RepEAT! — Lastly EAT. There’s no sense in “saving your calories” for later, it’ll only cause overeating, which you’re trying to prevent doing in the first place. Instead, try incorporating 3 balanced meals, everyday.
With Lots Of Healthy Love,
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